IF Lab
IF Lab will provide resources to assist entrepreneurs of all stages, from a nascent idea to ready to scale, with technical needs and strategic consultation. This includes business programming, classes and workshops to help develop new ideas for today’s market.
Black, Brown, and minority-owned entrepreneurs often encounter systemic barriers to entry when attempting to grow their operations to scale. These broken practices are even more prevalent in transitioning neighborhoods throughout major cities in America. 

IF Lab positions itself as a supportive community hub where inclusive engagement and placemaking development intersect. Place-based and focused on emerging neighborhoods and entrepreneurs, IF Lab provides a wide range of resources intending to offer community members access:

Inclusive Environment

An inclusive co-working space with people who share lived experiences


Mentorship from local industry leaders and additional support from established business owners

Accessible Tech

State-of-the-art technology, research and development opportunities

Career Paths

A pathway to careers, not just jobs